Nigerian Young Man Tragically Loses His Life Rescuing A Drowning Girl In Russia

Eluemunor Richard Okazia

By TZ Business  News Staff and Agencies.   

It is a story about color-blind love—a story about human compassion.  The British website Viraltab  has described it as a tragic love story.

A young Russian woman met this young man from Nigeria.  She loved him.  She gave her heart to  him. He loved her, too. They met in the Kaliningrad Region of Russia. He loved her.  They got married.  But he drowned in the Baltic Sea.

His wife is in grief but some Russians are celebrating her husband’s death according to Moscow Times. Some Russians are happy their country is one black man less.

The  young Nigerian who was studying in Russia lost his life while trying to rescue a young girl drowning in the Baltic Sea.

Nigerian Eluemunor Richard Okazia, 26, who had gone to Russia in order to study Manufacturing Automation Management, died trying to rescue a drowning girl in the city of Kaliningrad Region on 17th July 2021, according to

Richard had lived in the Kaliningrad Region for over two years, and had recently married the woman of his dreams while studying at the Faculty of Computer Science.

According to local media (Pravmir), he was actively involved in music and sports events and was considered kind, talented and a very reliable friend.

On the day of the incident, the 26-year-old man was relaxing at the Zelenogradsk seaside resort along with his wife Natalia and friend, when they heard the girl’s cries for help and saw her being carried away from the shore and disappearing inside the deep water.

Along with his friend and two more people, Richard dove into the water and was the first one that reached the drowning girl, who he then pushed towards the shore and out of the current.

Richard Eluemunor drowned  in Kaliningrad while saving a swimmer from drowning, Moscow Times reports.

Ironically, his Russian wife has complained she is now facing racist online attacks driven by a notorious hate group leader.

Richard Eluemunor drowned on a city beach Saturday in Russia’s western exclave of Kaliningrad  unable to break free from a current out of which he had pushed a drowning woman.

He died at age 26, less than a year after getting married, according to his obituary on the Kaliningrad State Technical University’s website.

His wife Natalia Eluemunor says she began receiving death threats after she posted a farewell message on Instagram, prompting nationalist, anti-women blogger Vladislav Pozdnyakov to mock her husband’s death on social media.

“Pozdnyakov publishes my personal data and makes mocking photos with Richard,” the widowed wife told the Podyom news website Tuesday. “There are many angry and negative comments, threats and gloating, but there’s no point in contacting the police.”

In comments to the independent Dozhd broadcaster, Eluemunor said Pozdnyakov’s followers had threatened to kill, burn and drown her, but she noted that her husband’s “heroic act has no skin color.”

“My main duty now is to see my husband off on his last journey. I won’t tell you where and when because they promised to kill everyone who’ll be there,” Eluemunor told Podyom. A petition signed by 1,300 people calls on the Russian government to issue a posthumous award of bravery to Eluemunor.