Second English Language Book Honouring the Late John Pombe Magufuli for Launching in Lilongwe, Malawi

The Late Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli

By TZBN Staff

Tanzania, SADC Region and Africa in general,  this month of June 2023 get a chance to read another English language book  honouring the Late John Pombe Magufuli’s Pan-Africanist economic thought.

The sequel on Magufuli’s unconventional economic management style is published in Malawi by a  University lecturer called Malango Chinthenga from the University of Hebron in Lilongwe. Prof. Chinthenga has called his book “Africa, Magufuli and Change: An Integrated Approach in Abolishing Africa’s Modern Economic Slavery.”

An English language book carrying a similar theme was published in 2020 while the late  President Magufuli  was still alive to honour his efforts  to de-colonize  the Tanzania economy.  This earlier book was titled “Magufulification: New Concept that Will Define Africa’s Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen”.

Economic “Magufulification” was co-authored by Dr. Nkwazi Mhango, a Tanzanian living in Canada, and retired Speaker of the Tanzania National Assembly,  Hon. Pius Msekwa. This book is available on the internet as an ebook since 2020. It was published in this format by the Dar es Salaam-based publishing  company GDY Publications Company Limited and may be purchased by contacting  this publishing company.

Dr. Nkwazi told TZBN over the phone copyright owners had agreed that the ebook version will continue to be marketed by GDY Publications Limited while its hard copy version is to be marketed by a different company.  The hard copy version has been repackaged to reflect the fact that President Magufuli has passed away.

The sequel “Africa, Magufuli and Change: An Integrated Approach in Abolishing Africa’s Modern Economic Slavery” was planned for launching earlier but circumstances forced the launch to be moved to  June 30th 2023 at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe, Malawi. 

Top Right: Hon. Pius Msekwa, Bottom Right: Dr. Nkwazi Mhango.

Prof. Chinthenga told TZBN a decision was made to delay the launch to give the author time to present the new book to the Magufuli family before the launching at the end of June.  Professor Malango Chinthenga is Director of Academic Affairs, Research & Publications at  the University of Hebron’s  Department of Development Studies.

The author also published a notice to the general public  explaining the lauching had been moved to a later date to give ample time to both international (including some Universities and other institutions in Tanzania) and local participants for their travel logistics, adding that the decision to shift the date had been made in collaboration with the High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania in Malawi.