The African Music Solution…

By Jaston Binala.

Unwinding from whatever crisis or stress in your life can be a bit tricky–like a cubist puzzle one might say. I have, however, found music to provide an excellent solution.



It  might be that you want to unwind by  going to the lake sailing or paddling the waters in a canoe. What if you don’t  have a boat or canoe! Maybe  nature gives you the best treatment when  you hike a mountain but you live in a concrete jungle called Dar es salaam.  The healing power of  music is unimaginable—all kinds of music from the human family.

My first stop is always African music. You’ve  just listened to Earl Klugh in the clip above,  and you are probably wondering… wait a minute…is Earl Klugh African?  Mmmh, well, maybe I am a little racist there but… Earl Klugh just happens to be in the diaspora. He is African as far as I am concerned!  Ha ha ha ha….. Earl Klugh is an American Jazz artists.

Music  has provided the best unwind option for many of us in the human family. My point of emphasis today is going to be Joseph Mayanja–more popular by the name of Jose Chameleone.



This is a Ugandan music star  one website reports is Uganda’s number one artist.  Jose Chameleone is a star not only in Uganda, but also all over East Africa and is working hard to go international.  The Ugandan website reports he will soon be doing a ‘collabo’ with the Jamaican dancehall artist Konshens. The Jamaican was recently in Uganda to  perform at the concert dubbed Dance with the stars.

Jose Chameleone is undoubtedly an East African Super star, according to some reports,  trying to roll out to the international scene as exhibited by his many awards won both locally and internationally.

Uganda Kenya and Tanzania are linked by Kiswahili language and Jose has proved he can be a Kiswahili entertainer through his music.



I am adding two more clips I hope you will enjoy, which include selections from one of my favorite spots: South Africa. But I also have two  female arts  doing easy country and once again, African music. Please enjoy your day!