Tanzania Airports Authority Improves Musoma Airport

Precision Air  Responds to Improvement by Re-introducing flights to the Northern Tanzania Destination.

Precision Air (Internet Photo)

By TZ Business News Staff.

Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) has improved the runway at Musoma airport,  an official  from Precision Air Services has announced, adding that this was one of reasons the publicly listed  Tanzanian airline has resumed flights to the northern destination.

TAA is  improving  numerous regional airports across Tanzania to make the nation more accessible by air.  Precision Air has re-opened its operations to Musoma after a temporary suspension of the route for about 2 years due to runway problems, according to a press release.

The airline’s Commercial Director, Mr. Robert Owusu said the re-opening of the route has been triggered by the demand in the market, but also because the airport has been improved.

He said flights to Musoma are positioned to cater for passengers who had to drive cars all the way from Musoma to  Mwanza in order to catch flights.

“We had temporarily suspended the Musoma route due to the airport’s unfavorable conditions which had caused damage to the aircraft. Since then, there have been some improvements made to the airport infrastructure that make it safe for our aircraft to land and take-off from there,” Owusu said.

“As service providers, we also understand the inconveniences that passengers from Musoma had to go through by driving for about 4 hours to catch flights in Mwanza.

“We believe our flights to Musoma will not only stimulate trade in Musoma but also the tourism industry,” the Commercial Director said.

Musoma Airport (Internet Photo)


Precision Air will operate flights to Musoma every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday whereas Musoma Flights coded as PW 406 will be departing from Dar es Salaam at 1:50pm , arriving in Musoma at 3:50pm and departing from Musoma for Dar es Salaam, via Mwanza, at 04:15pm, to arrive in Dar es Salaam at 07:55 pm.

Precision Air currently flies 10 domestic destinations and one regional route. The airline flies from Dar es Salaam, to Zanzibar, Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Mwanza, Bukoba, Tabora, Kigoma, Mtwara ,Nairobi and Now Musoma.

In the mean time, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) says the world is experiencing rapid growth of the air transport sector, adding that the  sector is also growing in Tanzania as part of this international trend—especially from 1998 when the Government liberalized the sector.

The country’s private sector operators in the industry like Precision Air, Coastal Air and Fast Jet  are concequently taking advantage of the demand-driven sectorial growth .