Money and the Interracial ‘Spark’

Somewhere in the US of A, a black man called Daymond John is allegedly going ‘to pass’ his millions to a white woman–and black sisters are NOT exactly very happy about it….  But the comments point in a completely different direction where love overpowers race….



While most of us are happy for anyone who finds love, there are some who are concerned about the vast numbers of successful black men who choose to pass their wealth and fortunes onto white women. For example, Robert Smith, the billionaire financier, raised some eyebrows when he married a Playboy model that was 22 years younger than he was.

Do you think that people are overreacting on this issue, or is there is a real concern that successful black men are persuaded to overlook black women?  At the very least, there should be a conversation, especially with the loaded nature of interracial relationships.  There was a time when black men were murdered for even looking at white women, so it is difficult to talk about current events without considering historical context.

In this video, Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses and Shaquita Graham discuss the Daymond John pending wedding and put it into the context of how sisters are tempted to feel when rich black men pass them all over in favor of a white woman. The conversation is interesting, especially since there aren’t many mainstream media outlets that will allow 30-something year old black women to honestly address how they feel when brothers appear to be passing them over.  Please take a look.




Source: FinancialJuneteenth