Financial Experts to Discuss Tanzania Industrialization and Money Matters in Arusha

Tanzania Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. Philip Mpango Opens the Conference Thursday, November 24, 2016.

The conference takes place against a backdrop of  a strong financial sector.


Tanzania Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. Philip Mpango.

Dr. Philip Mpango.


By TZ Business News Staff


Arusha city in Northern Tanzania brings together financial experts this last week of  November, 2016, to brainstorm on the country’s financial future as the country draws strategies to transform from a peasant economy into an industrial middle income nation.

The Bank of Tanzania will hold a two-day Financial Institutions conference from 24th to 25th November 2016 at the Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC), Arusha,to discuss financial matters in the current economic dispensation.  A Central Bank statement made available to TZ Business News said the conference will be officiated by  the Tanzania Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. Philip Mpango.

The biennial Conference of Financial Institutions is a forum created in 1980 by the bank to facilitate the exchange of views and experiences on issues pertaining to the financial sector and the economy in general, the statement said. The Conference brings together heads of financial institutions and other stakeholders.

The theme at this year’s gathering will be “Harnessing Tanzania’s Geographical Advantage: The Role of the Financial Sector”, the Central Bank said in the statement.

Prof. Benno Ndulu.

Central Bank Governor, Prof. Benno Ndulu.

Eight discussion papers will be presented by experts from within and outside Tanzania. Topics of discussion will include the topic titled “Exploiting Geographical Advantage, Lessons from Emerging Market Economies”.

Other topics will include “The Challenges of Industrialization in Tanzania, A Comparative Perspective; Pursuing Manufacturing-Based Export-Led Growth in Tanzania,  Opportunities and Challenges; and Leveraging Transit Trade for Tanzania, Accelerating Corridor Development for Rapid Economic Growth.

Other discussion topics will include extending Tanzania’s Financial Frontiers: The Role of Technology, extending Tanzania’s Financial Frontiers: Experience, Lessons and Way Forward and the subject ot financial Development in Tanzania: Challenges for Industrial Development and Job Creation.

The conference takes place against a backdrop of  a strong financial sector. The Central Bank Governor, Prof.Benno  Ndulu recently described the banking sector as doing very well with ratios of total capital to total risk weighted assets and off balance sheet exposures being above requirements by nearly 38% as an average of the industry.