Brief Music Intermission With Special Focus on Namibia…

Oviritje Artist from Namibia (Screen grab)

Oviritje Artist from Namibia (Screen grab)


This presentation is meant only for relaxation. with a slight bias toward African music, again. The first presentation comes from Eastern Namibia, an Area understood to be dwelt by the Bantu group called the Oviritje (pronounce as Ovirishe) where the dominant language is understood to be the Ovaherero language—with an occasional obvious bantu word.

If you are listening to this song from here in East Africa, you will probbly pick a word or two that sounds similar to your language–a word such as ‘tata’ which in some parts of Tanzania means ‘daddy’. An extremely beautiful  Ovaherero speaking young woman sings a song in honor of her passed away father who loved her very much.

The song is titled Ozoseua—a word which translates into Mkiwa in the Kiswahili language here in East Africa, or the word ‘orphan’ in English. It is of course common knowledge that young girls who grow up in stable homes almost always treat their fathers as the first boyfriend.

In this first song you meet a girl ‘crying’ for her father who passed away sometime back. She loved him so much this song is in his remembrance.Welcome to African musical art forms and please enjoy the song  Ozoseua  from Namibia, as you confirm through it Africans live to love!



The next selections combine artists  from many other areas of Africa–from Kush to the Congo; from the Cape of Good Hope to Zanzibar. Please enjoy the break.