8 Reasons to date a journalist…

As busy as she may be with her job, you’ll have no problem getting a hold of your journalist gal. She’s social media-savvy, always checking her email and has her phone with her, always….


By Stephen Zoure


JournalistIf you’re ready to put yourself out there and see where love takes you, it’s time to start spreading the news. When you find that special someone who you just click with on different levels, walking away would be foolish.

If the thought of someone putting pen to paper to express her feelings for you sounds incredibly sweet and romantic, why not choose to become exclusive with a journalist? We’re willing to bet that falling for these connoisseurs of the written word will be one of the greatest things to happen to your love life.

If you’re prepared for your spicy romance to make headlines, check out these eight compelling reasons to let a journalist be your only subscriber.

  1. They’re Not Afraid To Take Risks

Being a journalist is all about using any means necessary to not only find the perfect story but to back it up with credible sources. In a survey conducted by Bliss Integrated, 2/3 of the journalists questioned stated that they would rather “get thoroughly vetted statistics rather than preliminary data more quickly”. Getting the information right is more important than getting the information right now. Her sheer determination to get all of the facts straight in spite of any backlash she may face is a great reflection of her ambitious (and honest) nature. When it comes to your relationship,  you won’t have to worry about scaring her off with those rumors of your past; she would rather get to know you first before making any hasty decisions.

What’s sexier than a woman who loves a good challenge?

  1. Their IQ Is Above Normal

According to Jonathan Wai of Psychology Today, the average IQ of a journalist falls between the 137 to 160 range, which translates into the top 1 percent to .01 percent; this places journalists on the same intelligence level as other respected professions such as the top performing lawyers, engineers, academics, computer science professors, etc. He also went on to say that “If the top 5 percent are the normal smart, then the top 1 percent are the super smart and the top .01 percent are the scary smart.” Gentlemen, if you like a lady who is absurdly brilliant and can definitely hold her own when it comes to debates, form an orderly line.

  1. They’re Great Listeners

Being attentive is practically embedded into the job description. As she is trained to read between the lines, knowing when to interject or simply listen comes easily to her. In fact, being understanding when having a heart to heart is her specialty. If she’s really the one, you can trust that your secrets will be off the record.

  1. They Are Experts At Multitasking

Thirty-one percent of journalists surveyed by Bliss Integrated indicated that they are in charge of three distinct media channels (i.e. social media platforms, websites, print) while 17 percent reported that they are responsible for five. The fact that she is a pro at multitasking means that she’s more than capble of balancing work and her relationship. After a long and stressful day at the office, she’ll be more than happy to pencil you in for some much needed TLC.

  1. They’re Outgoing

As a journalist, a large portion of her day is spent contacting sources for interviews or inspiration for her next article. She’s great at making conversation with strangers (how else would she score exclusive details on trending topics?). You won’t have to be nervous about introducing this confident social butterfly to your family and friends; whether she’s an introvert or extrovert, she’ll be ecstatic to take the next step because she knows how much it means to you. She’ll be the life of the party; being outgoing as well as open-minded is a part of her charm.

  1. They’re Creative

Whether it’s brainstorming a clickable headline, finding new story ideas or taking a fresh spin on an event, journalists are constantly crafting interesting, clever stories. And her way with words extends out of the newsroom, too. Whether she writes you love letters, funny texts or birthday cards, you can guarantee they’ll be one-of-a-kind.

  1. They’re Plugged In

As busy as she may be with her job, you’ll have no problem getting a hold of your journalist gal. She’s social media-savvy, always checking her email and has her phone with her, always. Her job is all about communication, so you can count on your lady to be there when you need her.

  1. They’re Not Money-Obsessed

Gold diggers? No way. If you’ve ever seen salary reports by profession, you’ll know journalists aren’t in it to get rich. Instead, they’re passionate about what they do. But that’s not to say they don’t enjoy some of the free perks. They’ll surely bring home some cool freebies from PR companies and invites to events, parties and movie screenings. Plus one, much? Credit: Yourtango.com