UONGOZI Institute Discusses Business, Government Collaboration; With Update


Ali Mufuruki


The Dar es Salaam-based Uongozi Institute discusses on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 the ways in which African governments can co-operate with businesses to forster sustainable development.

The program to be aired on one of Tanzania’s television stations, ITV, is part of a series produced by the leadership organization produced to discuss African development.

UONGOZI Institute defines itself on its website as existing to support African leaders to attain sustainable development for their nations and for Africa.  “We seek to inspire leaders and promote the recognition of the important role of leadership in sustainable development”, the organization says.

In Focus is a television series produced by UONGOZI Institute to presents an in-depth overview into the key issues affecting sustainable development in Africa.

In this week’s episode of In Focus, the institute discusses how African businesses can collaborate with governments to drive sustainable development across Africa with Mr. Ali Mufuruki, Chairman and CEO of the Infotech Investment Group.

Mr. Ali Mufuruki is a Tanzanian entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker and leadership coach. He is the co-founder and chairman of the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania, a policy dialogue forum that brings together more than 100 CEOs of leading companies in Tanzania.

This group engages regularly with the senior government leadership of Tanzania to find solutions for the country’s economy. Mr. Mufuruki is also the owner, Chairman & CEO of Infotech Investment Group LTD, a family business that has interests in ICT, media, telecoms, private equity, retail and real estate across a number of countries in Africa and beyond.  He currently chairs and serves on several Boards, including Trademark East Africa and AMSCO (Nedherlands).

The TV program will also be published for 12 hours at the infotainment window located at the top right hand corner on this webiste. The program Enabling African Business to Drive Sustainable Development will be aired at 9:30pm.

A statement from Uongozi Institute says This episode, as well as previous episodes of In Focus, will also be available on UONGOZI Institute’s website: www.uongozi.or.tz and on the UONGOZI Institute’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/uongoziinstitute.