Russian Women Asked to Avoid Sex With Foreign World Cup Fans

We should be giving birth to our own children….

Moscow, June 13, 2018.


A senior lawmaker has implored Russian women to avoid entering into intimate relationships with foreign World Cup fans, especially those of a different race, at the risk of raising children as single mothers.

More than half a million fans from across the world are expected in 11 Russian cities that will host the football championship between June 14 and July 15.

Bearing the children of non-Russians could lead to broken families, Tamara Pletnyova, the head of the State Duma’s Family, Women and Children Committee, warned in an interview Wednesday.

“These children will later suffer and have suffered in the Soviet era,” Pletnyova said, claiming that a similar trend occurred after the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

Russia’s birth rate hit its lowest level in a decade last year despite government efforts to encourage Russians to reverse the demographic trend.

“We should be giving birth to our own children. I’m not a nationalist, but still,” said Pletnyova.

— Asked to comment, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov urged fans to remember the World Cup’s “Say No to Racism” slogan. Russian women would be able to decide for themselves who to sleep with he said.

[An earlier report said Russians Prefer Watching TV to Sex. More Russians enjoy watching television than having sex, according to a recent independent Levada Center survey.

Twelve percent of all polled Russians said “making love” gives them the greatest pleasure, placing the activity behind hunting, walking in the woods and thirteen other activities.

Respondents were given the option of choosing multiple answers out of more than two dozen activities.


Source: Moscoe Times