Two Minutes With Siphokazi Maraqana


Sama award winning singer Siphokazi Maraqana spoke to DRUM Magazine on music, married life and being a mother.

Sama award winning singer Siphokazi Maraqana spoke to DRUM Magazine on music, married life and being a mother.


Interview By Molife Kumona adopted from Drum Digital.



What are you currently up to?

I am busy recording my 4th studio album. I just released a single off that album called Love Too Deep.

There were media reports not so long ago saying you have moved from Joburg…

Really? I haven’t moved from Joburg. I am still here. Since 1999 when I came here I haven’t gone back to stay home in the Eastern Cape. I visit home yes but not stay there.

How is married life going, having been married for 3 years so far?

Its a school but a good school. I would like to see more of what God has in store for me in this school of marriage. We have our challenges and ups and downs like every couple but we invite God in such situations and we trust God to keep us together.

What things surprised you about being married? Things you didn’t expect getting in?

I knew we would have kids but when they came I was surprised at how my life changed. One minute I was Siphokazi alone with my husband and now I had to adjust to being a mother. That came with a lot of compromise and sacrifice that I wasn’t ready for initially.

Another thing is getting to know my husband. Literally every day I learn new things about him since we got married. I still get surprised at some of the things I find out about him and it makes me realise that it takes lifetime to know someone.


What did you do right to still be in the music industry for this long?

I have always been myself. That is what has helped me. I have had challenges with people saying I am too rural…

Do you think you are rural?

Yes I am rural and I love it. People wanted me to change but I never did. I even had a time when people scolded me for reading ‘thank you’s’ from a paper when I was receiving an award. I felt that was silly because I have seen many big stars overseas do it.

What do you want your legacy to be…

I want to leave a legacy of love through my music. Love in all its forms from the love of God, friendship love to romantic love. I believe in love and I don’t take it for granted. We as people should love each other more.

South Africa’s Siphokazi in Brief:

Siphokazi_2OKAZI Siphokazi Maraqana took the SA music industry by storm with the 2006 release of her debut album “Ubuntu Bam”, which was awarded with a 2007 SAMA award for Best African Adult Contemporary Album.

Known for her soulful sounds, poignant lyrics and sophisticated Afro-chic style, this popular songbird also scooped up three prestigious awards for Best Newcomer, Best Produced Album and Best Female vocalist at the 8th Metro FM Music Awards.

Before breaking into the industry as a solo artist, Siphokazi polished her talent as both backing vocalist and as a featured soloist with some of the country`s top talents such as Tshepo Tsola, Ringo Madlingozi, Pat Matshikiza, Simphiwe Dana, Zama Jobe and Stimela. Her strong African and Nubian features, combined with her extraordinary vocal flair, also earned her the role in the feature film “Sophiatown”.

This Eastern Cape-born star’s Afro-soul sound is infused with elements of traditional jazz and gospel. Siphokazi released her second album simply called ‘Ndinovuyo’ in 2006, and her third, Ethembeni, in 2010.

SOUTH AFRICAN NOTEWORTHY PERFORMANCES Siphokazi’s past performances are too numerous to mention; she has featured at numerous Jazz Festivals, concerts, and corporate functions across South Africa and beyond. Some highlights include: • Opening of the 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa.